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Steve Rispin
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a p[Professional view by Steve Rispin
A Professional View By Steve Rispin
Steve Rispin is a vastly experienced UK audio professional operating in the field of live and recorded music. His most recent work has seen him on tour with rock legends Yes and Steve Hackett, whilst his studio Engineering Service remain in demand from artists across a wide spectrum of genres.

"I was pleased to experiment with a couple of the devices in different settings. I would describe the devices as being of the turned enclosure type with a large front facing port surrounded by diffusers. The resonant frequency can be tuned Somewhat with the additions of plugging inserts, but as standard the peak absorption is at 80Hz with a second harmonic at 160Hz."

"The devices seem quite efficient for their size and stacking them in the middle of my performance room produced an immediate deadening effect. On a rock project I was working on the drums and bass seemed much more controlled with the devices in the room. It has a couple of known hotspots. And I found I could turn the monitors Louder than normal without exciting the nodes! In recording some acoustic guitar parts with the devices surrounding the microphone, the difference was more subtle, but clear nonetheless."

"Although of substantial construction, the devices are easily portable. A pair fitted comfortably into an average car boot. As I discovered when travelling to trial them at a friends studio. In this instance, the room was much larger and although more units would have demonstrated the absorption characteristics to greater effect. The diffusion feature came into play with excellent results. The front of the device features 4 diffusing shapes with a parabolic section. These are sized principally to work in the mid and highs. When recording male and female vocals in a ‘dead’ booth, the introduction of the devices raised up on chairs liven things up nicely."

"Put simply, the absorber and diffuser elements work exactly as Anthony had said, and the tune ability should make them suitable for a wide range of rooms in static installations. I can see a huge market not only in studios but also in hi-fi listening rooms and home cinema installations. Conveniently portability means you can take them with you to treat any room you may be working in and use them as part of the creative process by modifying the acoustics around the instrumental mic".

"This is a great product which deserves to do very well".
isa award winner
The P:VAD absorbs down to 63Hz/80Hz, and with multiple devices (x3) the use of the plug-in will take the absorption down to 40Hz/50Hz. The larger the space, the more devices are required for effective sound control, so where 2 or 3 will suffice for a small to medium size control room, proportionately more devices will be required for larger spaces.
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